Umrah Visa Requirements in UK for 2023 - 2024

What are the basic requirements and rules for Umrah Visa?

  • Each application form of Umrah should be completely signed by the person who is travelling in block letters by using blank ink pen.

  • If a person has a non-Muslim name than it is necessary for person (he or she) to submit a certificate from a masjid or an Islamic center that will confirm that the applicant is a Muslim.

  • 2 Recent passport size colour photograph with white background is required to be attached with the application form. Make sure while taking picture that you must be facing camera because photograph with any other angle will not be acceptable.

  • Umrah Visa can be rejected by the Embassy, if a traveller doesn't have an EC/British passport that should be valid for a minimum of six months.

  • Confirmed and non-refundable airline ticket; departure from Saudi Arabia must be done within two weeks from the date of entry.

  • Women who is 45 years of age or above and wants to travel for umrah alone without Mehram, requires a NOTARIZED (NOC) permission letter from their Mehram which states that he has not any objection and he is giving permission to her for travelling alone for Umrah. The Mehram in Saudi Umrah Visa Requirements is the Father, Husband, Brother, Uncle, Grandfather, or Son who is of 18 years or older.

  • Women under 45 years and children under 20 years can't travel alone for umrah, they should be accompanied by Mehram either husband, son or father. Confirmation of relationship is required (if you are wife than marriage certificate is necessary or for child birth certificate is needed with the names of both parents). The Mehram must have to travel into the Saudi Arabia and outside the Saudia on the same flight with his wife and children. If other relatives are travelling with Mehram than for further details you need to ask for your travel agent.

  • Females with different Last Name than the Mehram, require to submit a proof of relationship like Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, etc.

  • If the applicant doesn't have the nationality of the country from he or she is applying than in this condition a valid or authentic residential permit should be attached with the application form.

  • Meningococcal Meningitis is a vaccination certificate that is necessarily required; vaccination certificate should be attached with the application form. If you have been vaccinated with in last three years (not more than three years) and not less than 10 days, you are than allowed to enter in Saudi Arabia. A person should keep the vaccination certificate with him while entering to Saudi Arabia.

  • Passengers having Hajj or Umrah visas can only be disembarked and leave Saudi Arabia through the airports of Jeddah or Madinah.
  • Travellers make sure that they are not barred from travel by any general travelling, airport and airline rules and laws and regulations which are not listed above in criteria, about that Makkah Tour™ representative can advise you.

  • Children with 18 years of age and below are only allowed for umrah, if they are accompanied by an elder.

  • Umrah Visa can only be used for the purpose of Umrah and a person is not allowed to use the umrah visa for working or job purpose, in case of violating this rule authority of Saudi Arabia can take strict action against the person.

  • If you already have a business visa for Saudi Arabia or a valid visit than you are not allowed to apply for an Umrah Visa.


Umrah Visa 2023 can only be valid for 30 days only; it means that you can't stay more than a month or 30 days in Saudi Arabia. Umrah should be performed by a person within these 30 days, make sure that your departure from Saudi Arabia must be within two weeks of the entrance date. Pilgrims should remember that Umrah Visa will only grant from the starting month of Safar till mid of Ramadan, once the Hajj season starts the umrah visa will not be issued. Validity of umrah visa starts from the date of issuance. Although umrah Visa is valid for 30 days, but the stay in Saudi Arabia can not more than 15 days.