Guide and Tips Regarding Hajj & Umrah - Important Information

Umrah is the compensation for all the sins you commit between the current and a previous done Umrah. Therefore, it is significant that a person perform your pilgrimage with great accuracy and as per instructed. Equally necessary is to carry a flurry of useful things, to avoid any problem or difficulty occurring in between the sacred journey whatsoever. Here is a checklist that will help you out:

What Things Should Pack For Umrah

Let us begin with some general items:

Something to eat:
You are going on a long sacred journey. It is therefore significant for you to remain energetic throughout the journey, so make sure to fill your stomach. If you can not pack the food, try to eat wherever a chance you get it, whether in the hotel room or even at airport.
Material for Reading:
A pocket-size Holy Quran with translation is the most excellent to utilize your leisure. You can recite it during your Holy trip and also in the mosque. Try to bring as many books of dua's as possible. Share you book with other peoples who don't have it. Each time a productive Muslim read a dua from book, you will be rewarded. Buying small Umrah booklet is also beneficial, as it contains every activity and rituals for your pilgrimage and also the dua in Arabic, along with English translation.
Notebook for Journey:
You will often feel the requirement to pen down your feelings during your sacred journey. In addition, you would like to write some important dua's, or mention people with whom you had an unforgettable time during Umrah. For all such things, it is better to carry a notebook with you.
It keeps on reminding a pilgrim of the Ibadah and Zikr, while you are travelling, doing Tawaf or circumambulation or sitting in the masjid (mosque).
Purchase a water bottle:
Purchase water bottle so whenever you feel thirsty you will have your own bottle, it also will help you to bring zamzam water for your loved one's.
Detergent and Soap:
Make sure to carry soap, which is totally free from fragrance as it is prohibited to use any kind of fragrance or perfume in the state of Ihram. Carrying detergent for wash your clothes is also advisable, if you have brought limited garments to wear. Though, you must keep multiple clothes.
Camera less mobile phone:
If you are taking a mobile phone, make sure it must not have a camera, as it is not allowed in the masjid (mosque).
Medicine or first aid box:
Pills come useful at times when you don't feel well. A pouch full of some important medicines could be a blessing in disguise during your sacred journey.
Prayer mat:
You can either bring it from your home or buy on arrival at Jeddah. A general sized lightweight prayer mat would be better as it will easily get into your bag.