5 Best Hotels of Makkah 2023

Makkah, the birthplace of our beloved holy prophet (PBUH) and the home of two sacred mosques is among the top destinations getting visited each year. Each year a large number of people visit the Makkah to perform their religious rituals. Usually, it requires 20-30 days to complete their trip for Hajj and Umrah. You can choose to stay at various hotels of Makkah. It depends upon the affordability and the features you are looking for in the best hotel to reside. Here are the 5 best hotels of Makkah:

1. Swiss hotel Makkah

Swiss Hotel Makkah is among the top hotels of Makkah. A large number of amenities are provided here. The services are excellent and the best thing about the hotel is that it is near to Haram. It is a non-smoking hotel which offers a lot of facilities to its visitors. It has a breakfast buffet, air conditioning rooms and halls, parking and other important room services.

2. Pullman ZamZam Makkah

Pullman ZamZam Hotel is the also near to the Haram. People reside here find it really convenient to enter the Haram. It includes parking; air-conditioned rooms, breakfast, and other services. If you are planning to stay in Makkah for umrah or hajj then this hotel is highly recommended because of its best features.

3. Hilton Suites Makkah

Hilton Suites Makkah is among the most popular hotels of Makkah. Here the rooms are spacious and you will get a clear view of Haram from here. The rooms are provided with excellent services including intercom, kitchen, air conditioning, TV, small fridge and a lot more. Haram, shopping center and the major sacred places are really near it. Well trained staff and their excellent services make this hotel among the most desirable places to reside in Makkah. Whether you are visiting the place with or without your family, this hotel is among the top options.

4. Swiss hotel Al Maqam Makkah

Swiss hotel Al Maqam Makkah is a highly recommended hotel to live in Makkah. Here you will find a variety of services. Free internet, breakfast, spacious rooms and Haram view, all these things make this hotel among the top destinations to live in Makkah. Haram is only walking distance away from it. The staff is supportive and you will also get international menu here. If you do not want to take the breakfast buffet, then simply ordered your own menu. Single to multiple beds, ironing boards, kitchen, cupboards, and TV screens are among the top features of this hotel.

5. Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel

Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel offers wonderful services to its customers. They have airport transportation services too. Breakfast buffet, free internet, parking, spacious rooms and bus services are also among the top features of the Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel. The open lounges with nonsmoking seating areas and spectacular Haram view, all these things make this hotel among the most desirable destinations. If you are planning your trip to Makkah then Hilton Makkah Convention Hotel is highly recommended.